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Being child development experts, we recognize that all children are made to move, and with proper instruction, they can all learn to move well. This leads not only to physical success on the playground and playing field, but increased self-worth and success in the classroom. At Fort Gymnastics, we want to give the tools to the children of Murphy and beyond to enjoy being lifetime movers. Listed below are the different classes that we offer to suit children from 1 year to 12 years of age.

Bear Cubs or Parent Toddlers (Ages 12-36 months)

Our Bear Cubs program is designed for little toddlers. The children in this program are accompanied by their parents during the classes or with an adult. Children are made to move! Fort’s Bear Cubs movement program allows children to explore the world around them in ever changing ways. Our facility is designed with young children in mind, allowing them to use their muscles and imaginations to climb, roll, crawl, hop and swing in a soft child friendly environment. Having a parent by their side means children can try various activities that interest them, overcoming the fear of failure and promoting self-belief. Bear Cubts classes use balance beams, bars, and mats all scaled down for little bodies, plus the TumblTrak trampoline and the always popular foam pit! Bear Cubs is a well-rounded physical education program designed to start your little one on a lifetime of loving to move.

Mini Monkeys or Preschool Gymnastics (Ages 3-5 years)

Learning through FUN is the goal for our Mini Monkeys! Our professionally structured program is designed to develop motor and social skills in a soft imaginative environment. We teach basic gymnastics moves on the balance beam, floor, and bars as well as the TumblTrak trampoline and foam pit. In addition, students learn hand eye coordination, locomotor moves, and much more. By exposing your child to a wide variety of skills, we are laying the base for a positive athletic future, no matter what the sport. Mini Monkeys also learn social skills such as sharing, taking turns and cooperation, which are quite valuable for someone looking ahead to Kindergarten!

Tigers or Beginner Gymnastics (Ages 5 & Up)?

Some say the benefits of gymnastics are physical – increased strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance – while others praise the emotional benefits of concentration, goal setting, confidence, and self-esteem. At Fort, we believe that both are true. Gymnastics is the ultimate base sport for life.

Children will learn basic skills on the vault, bars, balance beam, tumbling, and TumblTrak, increasing their strength, agility, coordination and balance. Our proven curriculum teaches the sound fundamentals of gymnastics in a safe, positive environment. For both boys and girls, these classes are ideal for both the child who wants to simply flip for fun and fitness and the child who might wish to advance to a competitive career. Additionally, the use of Ninja Obstacles and the foam pit add a whole new challenging dimension to our classes.

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