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We offer Toddler, Pre-Schooler and School Age Swim

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“Believe and Inspire”

We believe every child has the potential to learn and master any skill provided the skill is taught properly and the child has a passion to learn. The job of the instructor is to Inspire – which is done through encouragement and motivation.


We strongly believe that Gymnastics is a life skill focused on fitness. Our mission is to help each child participating in our program to reach their best possible fitness levels. This is possible because we have a created a child friendly, fun, interesting and lively gymnastics program.

Our Programs:

We offer Gym classes for Toddlers, Pre-School and School Age children. (Note: Use the following format for this section)

Toddler Gym
(18 Months -3 years)

The Gym classes for toddlers allows them to explore the world around them in ever changing ways. Children are made to move! The children in this program are accompanied by their parents or an adult during the classes.

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Pre-School Gym
(3-5 years)

Learning through FUN is the goal for our Preschool Gymnastics Program! Our professionally structured gym classes are designed to develop large muscle skills, co-ordination, flexibility, and social skills in a child friendly jungle themed environment.

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Beginner Gym
(5-11 years)

This School-Age program focuses on increasing the children’s strength, agility, coordination, and balance. The intention of this program is to introduce the children to basic gymnastics – with the focus to move with grace and create self-confident athletes

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Why Fort Gymnastics?

We believe in “Gymnastics for all”. We want all children to learn to move with grace and confidence. More than gymnastics we like to call it as a “Children’s Fitness Program”. We feel a child friendly and non-competitive environment would allow children to learn, explore and discover themselves in the process of learning gymnastics and improving the fitness.

We are not in the process of making Olympic Gymnasts rather we want everybody to learn and enjoy gymnastics and children’s fitness for what it is.

To achieve our objective, the following is what we have done

  1. We created a jungle themed kid friendly gymnastics arena.
  2. We have a great curriculum – that allows toddlers to explore the gym, while the preschoolers get introduced to all the basic skills of gymnastics and the school age children work on all the core gymnastics skills.
  3. We have been in the early childhood business for over 10 years as an affiliate business of Fort Montessori – thus we understand the unique needs of each child and understand that what works for one child does not work for the other. Thus, our curriculum allows us to adapt based on a child’s needs.
  4. Our Instructors undergo rigorous training before they can interact with children. The training program for our instructors is one on one with our senior instructor who goes through our entire curriculum and then allows the instructors to teach.
  5. When hiring staff – we believe in choosing the “personality” – we can always train the skill. Hence, we get friendly instructors with a great personality who have the knack of working with children.
  6. We have great friendly front desk and management who want to ensure that we give our 100 percent to this program and ensure our customers get their money’s worth.
Benefits of Gymnastics in early childhood?

I often get asked this question – why do young children have to attend gymnastics?

Children these days are obese and tied to electronic gadgets all day long. This reduces large muscle development and core body strength in young children and makes children naturally slow or clumsy movers.

Have you noticed your children walking without balance or mis-stepping? Have you noticed children afraid of climbing or swinging on a pole in the playground? Have you noticed children take a long time to ride a bicycle? Think of when you learned to ride a bicycle – probably by age 4 or 5. Nowadays children are in elementary school before they learn to ride – All of this is because of deficient muscle co-ordination, lack of flexibility and poor body strength.

If you have recognized any of the above-mentioned issues with your young children, then Gymnastics program offered at Fort Gymnastics will be an ideal solution. The gymnastics program at Fort will develop body muscle, core-strength, increased co-ordination, and better flexibility.

Here are the top 6 benefits for your child that Fort Gymnastics Program will provide

  1. Strength Development
  2. Flexibility
  3. Fundamentals of movement
  4. Cognitive Skills
  5. Self Confidence
  6. Social Skills
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