Jungle Themed Gymnastics Arena
Child-friendly Facility with motto "Swing, Jump & Move like a Monkey"

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We believe in “Gymnastics for all”. We want all children to learn to move with grace and confidence. More than gymnastics we like to call it as a “Children’s Fitness Program”. We feel a child friendly and non-competitive environment would allow children to learn, explore and discover themselves in the process of learning gymnastics and improving the fitness.

We are not in the process of making Olympic Gymnasts rather we want everybody to learn and enjoy gymnastics and children’s fitness for what it is.

The Fort Gymnastics Facility is designed with little children in mind. The theme of Fort Gymnastics is a tropical jungle – the motto being “Swing, jump and move like a monkey”. The walls are splashed with animal murals in a jungle setting to make it child friendly and inviting to the children.

The entire gym is covered with carpet bonded foam purchased from Dollamur. All the gym equipment are specifically designed for little children with plenty of mats to provide for extra protection. The TumblTrak trampoline is a huge hit with kids. It is close to 20 feet long and 4 feet wide. The foam pit is fun for kids of all ages and so is the Ninja Obstacle Course.

The Balance Beam and Star Bars are challenges for kids of all age groups. To add more strengthening exercises and stations, we have the Trapeze and the Rope.

Our supplier for gym equipment is Carolina Gym Supply, a premier gym equipment provider who has been in this business for over 20 years.

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